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something in my mind...

sometimes i just think that it is truly in the death that we truly understand the true meaning of life... ironic huh?

don't worry i'm not suicidal or anything... i've got so many things still left to do.. plus i still haven't sky dived... although i've thought about it jokingly at times..

MAN................ i just want to know the true meaning of existence, not like what they teach you in most religious crap...

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the meaning of life is to find your purpose for being alive then complete it so you can get the fuck out of this shitty existance and go home. all of us have a different task we must complete. dont worry though because even if you dont complete it this world should be dead in about 50 years, the final gate is opening in about 2012 hehe this should be fun. i kinda belong to the christian religion but my beliefs are far from most of what they teach, well this is the stuff i pretty much know.
i think that a lot of people's ideas of what we're meant to do and why we're here has been tainted by religion. it seems like such an easy answer for some people to just say God did it instead of actually looking up in the sky and seeing our real history in there. it's just a thought and i thought i'd join in.
the meaning is meaningless if you cant find it make it
Being yourself without fear of others judgements is a good way to find your reason for existence.I'm not religous or even an athiest disbelieves in something which exists for others.I don't believe there is anything or higher power to believe in in order to have disbelief in.FEAR broken down is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.