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We Run Deep...

...Forever Deep.

The depths of your humanity...
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This is a revolutionary anti-psychiatry/interfaith/art/writing/paranormal/
philosophy community.

You can post your ideas, beliefs, art, writing, theories, or other things that make you you here. You can also post things you like or have found interesting!

This is, above all, a community for free-thinkers, a sort of pro-soul group. This is a place for those who think differently to share ideas and engage in debates in a tolerant, respectful setting.

However, due to the theme and nature of this place, we ask two things of you:

1: Be kind ot eachother, this place is built on tolerance.

2: Seeing as this is a place for free-thinkers and unique minds, we request that our members aren't taking medication or seeking treament for anything of a psychologial nature, this is a place of unique thought and mental purity. Oh, and don't list a "disorder" when you join, they don't exist, and never have. You are you, remember that and hold fast to it.

Above all, have fun and let the real you show!