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I decided that I want to get the world thinking, so I made this:


Philosophical revolution!

Do you contemplate the fact that you will die one day?
Do you realize that you are a living being who is conscious in the world?
Do you acknowledge that this all had to come to be before it was?
Do you realize that we went from living in caves to building cities and technology?
Do you ever wonder where all of this came from?
Do you ever think of yourself as a unique entity?
Do you ever think that your body is made of matter, and that matter cannot be owned?
Do you realize that, outside your sphere, there’s a whole universe?
Do you ever wonder what created God?
Do you ever wonder what all this means, and what is really going on here?
Do you question the religion or science you believe in?
Do you realize that this world is just one huge question?
Do you ever try to find answers to it?

If you answer no to any of these, time to start thinking. If you answer yes to any of these, or if this compelled you in any way, follow these instructions:

If found online:
Post it in your online journal, on your website, or on boards. E-mail it to anyone you think would benefit from it. Print it out and mail it to friends, pass it out like a flyer, leave it on peoples cars, or hang it up where it will be seen. Do whatever you see fit, just make sure that it gets out there.

If found in paper form:
Photocopy it and follow the above instructions for passing it.

However you pass this on, make sure that you leave the instructions intact so that others can do so as well. Let’s get the world on it’s feet and using it’s mind!


The area between the rows of minus signs is what you pass on, incase you were wondering.

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I posted it on my journal here.... I will include this URL in other places, so please keep the tone. I will post in in places that OLDER people go, people thet are more entrenched in their old beliefs than the younger.

Try to read if you are philosopher, The Key, by Whitley Strieber.
Curious, what is your definition of "older"?
I am old to the young crowd in the 30's. I am very young for my mother of 88. Mostly , I am perceived as old-- and I can tell - when someone ooffers help for somethign I am doing and I am surprised. When I am looking for a job and I am not considered. When I am invisible to men, they are not interested. When young children inquire about my skin, that is different from them or my hair, etc....(this has not happened yet). You FEEL old when other people that interact with you make you feel age. by Salmander