ennuiannihilate OCTOPODES spurnexterminate (allah_dot_com) wrote in abysmal_souls,
ennuiannihilate OCTOPODES spurnexterminate

Intuition has a consequence; being artistic. Vision can play out as intuitive shadow, adding hallucinatory elements towards people and conditions, not being able to tell real hatred/fear and improbable, adding murky invention to your lifestyle. This shadow teaches Courage. Realize that all intuition has a limit (until death), feature conviction in your Voice without difficulty and just be your greatest. Avoid gloat.
The illumination side of being intuitive; to bring shadow to light by showing a mirror to the Gestalt (civilization) is an artists principle. All Artists (Teachers) have done so. We give people happiness for the sake of our own - and we love every minute of it.
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