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Oh, God...


This is the most horrible thing I've seen in my life...

I'm sure a lot of you know what I think about psychiatry in general, so you can imagine I would be upset over this...

The problem is, humans don't want to be human anymore. How long will it be before everyone on earth has an implant similar to this one and nobody has any emotion and there's no variation in thought from person to person?

I don't know... Reading about something like this just makes me feel so lost... I'm even crying over it...
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the idea of going to therapy for depression has been declining. its bad enough that people rely on drugs to alter their moods when a majority dont even need them.. but this is really sick.
Conservative Punk
are you that guy that was on the jon stewart show with the skull makeup?
If so you are a fucking moron. just wanted to say that.
If not you are prolly one anyway.
soon human beings will no longer be human beings, simply creatures controlled for the sake of 'conformity.' truly, this is a nightmarish situation.
psychiatry is a war on the minds and souls of the inhabitants of earth; there are already too many casualties. I wonder if these "helpful doctors" can sleep at night? it actually wouldn't surpise me if they could - i'm sure you can buy the finest bedroom sets with the money being harvested from the pharmecutical companies intent on polluting our minds.

I hope enough people will unite and take action over this, before these things become commonplace, and before we devolve into orwellian zombie puppets.

I guess they missed giving lobotamies and had to come up with something new.