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Has anyone else here ever thought about the utter insignifigance of humanity?

I know I have. I realized it very young, as soon as I leanred of a universe beyond earth, I knew we were nothing. We live and the universe never knows we exist, we die, and the Earth doesn't notice. People hail great discoveries made? Great discoveries? Nothing we do is ever truely profound. Even the end of the world will go unnoticed. I think this is why I chose Urantia as my religion, because it focuses on the universe as a whole instead of putting Earth at the core of all and everything. Nothing centers around Earth. In the vastness of space and time, what does any of this matter? Nomatter how many people you meet, your existance will always go unknown. Our lives last a second to the universe, and we are so small, the void of space doesn't notice us or even care. You know, I think this may change if we ever do make contact with lifeforms not of this world. Just like humanity doesn't matter to the Earth but we are importaint to eachother, the civilizations of different planets will matter to eachother. THan would give humanity a purpose, to the grand scheme of things, but never to the universe. A universe knows nothing but it's beginning and it's end. We're just a molicule of the Nebadon.

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