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Darkened Corner

A poem I wrote a while back. I just thought I'd post it.

Endless feet shuffle by
A place so empty and void of life
Silently to myself I begin to cry
Must remember the real purpose of a knife

In the darkened corner I continue to stare
Seeing nothing but a hollow cold
Drowning in other's carefree air
To look at my life is to see I don't fit the mold

I'd give my life to be able to run
I find myself paralyzed with a look of terror
I treasure each moment I'm able to feel the warmth of sun
Living a life I feel like was given to me in error

The chill of the world touches me again
Feeling my most frostbitten in the sadness of summer
Everyone has something to show before I even begin
Is this real or am I in an endless slumber

I need to get away from this place as far as I can
I'm bound here by the fear of going a new direction
With their heads held high none realize they don't understand
I want to rebuild what has been destroyed section by section

A new place beyond that of which I've known
Some place that goes beyond labeling things free
There I wish to live and find what is really my own
I want to look inside myself and not question what parts are me

There I wish to find my true being
To escape the life this world has crafted
No longer give a glazed stare with my discovery of seeing
Know a happiness that has lasted

In this place I wish to die with a smile
Even finding joy in end of all functions
Lock in my mind that there is a chance at life without endless trial
In the last wisp of memory see that I survived all of life's junctions
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